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“Practical solutions for public service people problems”

The Instit2te of NLP for public service exists to provide NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) based training and other services in an applied way to those involved in delivering public service. 

NLP is a "how to" approach to psychology and communication that offers simple, yet astonishingly effective approaches and tools for individual and organisational change, and development.

The Instit2te provides NLP training, consultancy, facilitation and research in an applied way that makes a real difference to clients, students, workers, managers and organisations.  Our service is provided in a way that is consistent with public service values, by people who are skilled in NLP and experienced in public service, and at prices that offer good value for the public purse.

What is NLP?

NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) is a practical approach to the psychology of change, development, and effectiveness, and to interpersonal communication.

Derived from researching the strategies of people who naturally do things well - studying the difference that makes the difference - NLP has developed effective and practical approaches to performance, change and communication. 

These approaches and techniques can significantly enhance people’s ability to handle challenges, and be more the best they can be, more of the time by:-

•    focusing on outcomes as a way of dealing with problems, and setting achievable and motivating goals

•    being more understanding of difference, dealing with conflict more easily, developing deeper rapport, and have greater positive influence

•    being more aware of their own state, and feeling more resourceful even in challenging situations.

•    reducing limiting beliefs and habits, and developing empowering ones, freeing people from the power of past negative experience.

•    enhancing self-appreciation and esteem